Top Most Wedding Dresses That Should Be Banned

Marriage is one of the most beautiful moments that a human can live in, people witness the union of two lovers, so in most of the times the weddings do not pay much attention to this Most brides choose a traditional style and opt for a classic white dress and a traditional costume without colors or anything. however, some brides like to show their unique personality or their fashion taste with original wedding dresses to show their fashion sense.

In this article, we will see some people with a more or less special style that shows you how far you can go to the imagination of these grooms.

Shotgun Wedding

A marriage of the weirdest where we find a woman with a strange dress, we can believe that it is a marriage with the shotgun, when we see With her eyes lowered, moreover, the choice of colors and a little weird for her dress and her strange little veil, she does not look like a happy woman about to get married, we see the orange, red and yellow bouquet in bright colors is the only indication that it is beautiful well a wedding and not a hunting trip.

However, when we see her father who follows her closely with his hunting rifle we are a little confused, but it is a marriage.

balloony for balloons

A very interesting and bizarre idea especially came to this woman, this very beautiful woman with a healthy look chose to wear a dress made entirely of balloons and even a necklace of balloons which gives her a rather particular style, in other words, when we see a woman wearing a dress with balloons, we wonder, how can she sit? , and she must especially avoid sharp objects, or her whole dress could end up jumping around her ankles and there she would be in a rather embarrassing situation.

Well, in any case, it is she who chooses what to wear or not, and if her husband likes it then it does not bother her.

The mosquito net

Normally and in most times, the bride and groom like to go to a quiet, beautiful place with a good panoramic view where they can celebrate their marriage and have fun without disturbance, then the choice of the layout is very important, it even people who stay too long just to know where they are going to celebrate their wedding.

However, this woman has chosen to go to a country where mosquitoes roam the sky, that’s why we can only imagine that she chose this wedding dress of course. With a skirt like that, it will allow her to protect herself from mosquitoes and she will certainly not have bite marks on her big wedding day.

The many faces

The day of your wedding is special like no other, so, normally, the only face you display is the face of someone very happy, unlike the other day when you have to show up with more faces. You have to put a face to show that you are happy. You have to put a face when you realize that nobody likes you. You have to put a face when you try not to cry by pronouncing your vows, of course, to be short, this woman makes sure to show her a very special dress through of face.

Ready to dance

We can see how happy this couple is, these two lovers have decided to put on their most outfit for their big wedding day, and we can see it when we see the beautiful flowers. The groom looks elegant and very charming with his suit which gives him a special dimension, and the woman also who looks as happy as being by her husband’s side, he forms a very beautiful couple. , this couple was not about to slow down the dance on their favorite song. It is very likely that this beautiful woman was preparing for a belly dance show and that she wanted to match her wedding dress to the dance number. , so she chose a dress that suits her style.

Gown hair

It must be admitted that most of the time women prefer a typical white dress. however, in this case, we can see an exception to this rule, a woman to decide to change things a little.

This woman to shock everyone With a superb masterpiece, this future bride wears a strange dress that seems to be made of real human hair, it gives her a special dimension, she chose to have her own style.