5 Most Interesting Facts About Maldives

The Maldives, a dream destination for all and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, you should know that the Maldives is a beautiful tropical island with white sandy beaches, azure waters and exotic coral reefs and colorful, a paradise on earth. Private beach huts are the best accommodation option in this tropical paradise located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. know that this island in wonderland has several interesting realities that we may not know. in this article, we will see some interesting facts such as :

 More Than 1190 Coral Islands in its 26 Prime Atolls in the island 

What is incredible is that the Maldives has more than 1190 low coral islands which are grouped in 26 atolls and which can be seen in 200 inhabited islands of the Maldives as well as 80 islands which have tourist resorts, a good impression. know that The archipelago enjoys a magnificent location along and across the main shipping lanes of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives atolls are actually part of a larger structure called the Laccadives-Chagos ridge, spanning 2,000 km. 99% of the Maldives is water, the Maldives is just heaven on earth.

Literacy in Maldivian Adults is 98 %

The Maldives are among the countries in the world that have the least literacy among its adults since the Maldives is a country that has 98% of literacy among its adults. and this is not new, It’s a matter of pride because in 1978 it was only 70%. About 200 islands in the Maldives are inhabited, making it difficult for the government to carry out a single education program. there are about 35% of Maldives residents who are under 18 and that education, therefore, plays an important role in succeeding in the future, of course, know also UNICEF helped the Maldives to achieve a unified education During the year from 1978 onwards, it should be noted that educational resource centers have been built which use modern technology, in particular the Internet for distance education between the different islands, which is very practical for the inhabitants. It has also contributed to the creation of an education program which promotes the education not only of children but also of caregivers as well as parents who play an important role in the life of a child, they are also significant education factor.

Thanks to UNICEF and the help of parents, 100% of children were enrolled in primary schools. And that’s not all. Even the graduation rate was 99%. According to surveys by the United States Department of Education, the literacy rate in the United States has not changed in 10 years and the illiteracy of the adult population is 14%, it is incredible how its inhabitants were able to change in as little as possible.

Wonderful Underwater Life

We all know how the Maldives have incredibly beautiful sea creatures to see, everyone dreams of having the chance to watch whales in the Maldives, know that it will be exciting experience because you will spot up to 1000 at 1,500 dolphins and whales, I’m sure you will love them. and this throughout the year, the coral reefs of the Maldives are inhabited by 10 to 12 species of dolphins and whales which are both magnificent, and then Tourists can see real killer whales, false killer whales, sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, striped and spotted dolphins as well as pilot whales and many others. it is impossible to spot up to 200 dolphins in a dolphin school. know that The Maldives are also popular worldwide as one of the best places to watch the whale shark, the biggest fish in the world, which can go up to 18 to 32 feet, the Maldives and also beautiful on earth than at sea.

Alcohol is Available Only in Hotels

Few people know that the Maldives is an Islamic country, this is why visiting tourists should also follow and respect their traditions during their visit. this is the reason why Alcohol can only be consumed in hotels and resorts because it is prohibited everywhere else since it is an Islamic country. and It is also forbidden to remove it from the premises of the complex, it is a rule to follow during the stay, know that The import of alcohol, pork and pork products is illegal according to Muslim beliefs and it is just in hotels and resort centers that you will find. in Ramadan, there are customs to be observed, and even tourists should stick to Muslim customs, such as avoiding drinking, smoking, and eating during the day. Some restaurants away from the main roads can serve tourists who can follow their beliefs in private of course. Nudity and topless sunbathing are not allowed in the Maldives, even if you are on your resort’s private beach, you are free to do what you want.

It is The Flattest Nation in The World

Another very interesting fact about the Maldives is that the ground level of the island of Maldives is on average 1.5 meters, or 4 feet 11 inches, and for the highest point it is at a particular location on Villingili Island, in other words, 2.3 meters, 7 feet, which is the lowest on earth. As the nation is at the lowest level, it must always worry about the chances of its collapse, especially because of the drastic changes in the climate which occur continuously, something which does not seem to bother it.