10 animals that are red

Uncommon to see red animals, they are rather rare, Red animals stand out from other animals because of their fantastic purple, scarlet and vermilion hues dare others to see them and, generally, they are in areas not accessible to humans. like swamps. Red is used as an icon of the nerve and the sacrifice, as in the bloodshed in the sacrifice or the nerve facing a fatal risk. Red also means war, among other things. Red for being simple means a lot, and in this article we will see some wonder of the world.

let begin with the :

Tomato Frog

Tomato frog also called the red toad, it is a creature found in Madagascar in Africa. The tomato frog is just one of the most colorful frogs on the planet. It is a common name which comes from its bright red color, it also has an interesting feature, this frog tends to swell when it feels the risk of approaching it. It is a This frog is native to The island of Madagascar is threatened by the loss of habitat. it is a very appreciated animal that can be kept as a pet.

Rother Ibis

Rother Ibis also called “Eudocimus ruber” is a very special red bird. It is also called Scarlet Ibis. what is fascinating is that the lifespan of the scarlet ibis is about 15 years in the wild as well as 20 years in captivity, something which is rare. be aware that the Scarlet Ibis lives in tropical South America and is also found in Trinidad and Tobago, where it is the national bird of the country of course.

The Question Mark Butterfly

This butterfly with a double name, The Enigma Butterfly is a rare red nymphalid butterfly which occupies wooded places as well as urban parks in North America, it is generally in places which include trees as well as free spaces of course. It also has a silver mark at the bottom of the hind wing and it is divided into two parts, a rounded line and also a point which produces a question-shaped point which gives the species its common name, which means that this butterfly is special.

Siamese Fighting Fish

We just need to look at the image above to see how rare this specimen is, The fighting fish c’Siamese, also known as the betta, this poison is one of the freshwater aquarium fish most popular in the world. these are fish that live in the Mekong basin, especially in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. Bettas are famous for their aggressive behavior, which often results in death fights, especially when trapped in the same small tank. They can reach 6.5 cm long and have a wide range of bright colors, including red. They eat crustaceans, mosquito larvae, water-related insects and zooplankton, a poison that is out of the ordinary of course.

Tschudi’s False Coral Snake

You should know that The false coral snake of Tschudi originates from South America, and more precisely from Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. They are nocturnal snakes that live at night, preferring to live in the dry and humid tropical forests. Their colors range from red to reddish-brown, and with spikes or black lines. Their bodies are thin and smooth, and the size of adults is generally 33 inches long about 85 cm. They eat lizards, small birds, and small mammals. These snakes are not considered threatened, they are very interesting creatures.

Flat-headed Rock Agama

Another animal little known in red, The flat-headed agama also called Agama Mwanza is a species of bright red lizard endemic to East Africa. these are lizards that have a bright red color with very distinguished dark blue members, creating for them the more sophisticated term. Their habitats range from Masai Mara to Serengeti, Lake Victoria, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania. they are lizards that live in meadows and savannas, especially between rocks and boulders. Because of their abundance and abundant colors, Spider-man agamas have become popular pets around the world.

Purus Red Howler

The most exceptional animal is The red howler Purus is a primate native to Peru, Brazil and northern Bolivia. these are monkeys that live in a small colony, which consists of two to 16 animals, and are led by a dominant male monkey. these monkeys spend more than 70% of their day on tree branches. During the howling season, the howling of the colony can be heard 3 miles away which rises more than 4 to 5 km. These red animals are also known as monkeys that build nests, which they made from leaves and twigs, they are truly unique monkeys.

Cherry Shrimp

Cherry shrimp is a popular name for the red variant of Neocaridina, it is a species of freshwater shrimp that is found in Taiwan. These are shrimps that have a greenish-brown color in their natural habitat, however, breeding efforts have created a wide range of bright colors, and red is the most popular. these cherry shrimps are the favorite of aquarium owners, and they also like neutral to slightly alkaline water of course. They are soft and active in daylight, so they create charming visuals in a domestic aquarium. they are rare creatures.

Eurasian Red Squirrel

Now we see above one of these red creatures, The Eurasian red squirrel or also called Sciurus vulgaris, this squirrel is part of a species of squirrel that lives in coniferous forests in Europe. Their habitat distribution includes Siberia, Finland, England, Scotland, Norway, Germany, and Italy. These squirrels have reddish-brown fur with white underparts, and they can grow to 9 inches long by no less than 23 cm. this squirrel has a long bushy tail used for balance when jumping between trees. They also tend to use the tail to warm their bodies when they sleep, especially in winter. The Eurasian red squirrel prefers a lonely life outside the mating season, by building a tree nest from twigs, something very fascinating, which makes this species very interesting.